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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Springpad, unexpectedly updated their complete online note taking system. Complaints are many. 

Since quite some time I decided for Evernote. The main reason not to go for Springpad was a lack of security. Amazingly a file I stored non-publicly on Springpad could be found by Google. That put me off totally.

But now, after this overhaul of their system and site, the links between notes do not seem to work any longer (used those to create overview notes) and moreover a number of files I had stored online in Springpad have vanished. Springpad tells me they are there, but in practice the link to download and open them does not do its job. 

I understand they want a more social application, but that is not what I actually want from an online notes application. Evernote looks so much more dull, but actually does the job. So far that is.


Is the reputation system on Fotopedia final now?