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Monthly Archives: June 2011

This is claimed to a “fata morgana” or “mirage” in the chinese city of Huangshan, appearing in the mist after some heavy rain.

IMHO this is just some misunderstood and wrongly translated chinese romantic commentary saying how amazing their city looks in the mist, with cities appearing to float on it. Sorry, this is just a translator who did a bad job.


Weird to find this in Budapest.


My Nikon D80 photo camera gives me spots on the pictures I take. They are especially visible and hence annoying at long focus. Sure it is possible at the time of “development” of the photos on pc to remove these artefacts and that is what I m doing with Nikon Capture NX2. Works perfectly but is rather laborious. So I just was at the shop to ask if they could clean it for me. They can indeed and I was almost leaving my D80 behind when the answer to my question how long it would take forced me to decide to take it with me again. Six weeks it could take! We’re leaving on family holidays in 3! And not without my camera! I’ll figure it out myself….

We have a new laptop pc since a few days. I chose to have Office preinstalled on it. This includes Onenote. For a minute there I was doubting again if it would be a valid alternative to Springpad. But no way since it is not possible to attach any files in the Onenote webapp. 

When is Apple coming with its “iNotes” anyway? They own and use iCloud now which indeed can hardly be called new. They seem to have a good eye for what others are succesfully developing.