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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Google “ehec virus” and you get loads of results, while it should not yield any at all. EHEC is a bacterium and hence not a virus. Don’t newspapers (and other media) have scientifically knowledgeable people to get things right? 


Nice to see a photo I took is being used. They could have clarified this is a view of Mount Meru from the airport near the Kilimanjaro.

Using Springpad as my online notebook. I am really getting the hang of it.

Email forwarding of important messages to my springpad notebooks is easy and creates perfect notes with all the information needed. You can even put it in the notebook by adding @notebookIwantthisin to the subject line or add tags in the subject line #tagforthisnote. I just wish it was a bit faster.

I noticed a file (e.g. XL) attached to a note will open in google documents. (This of course also means I can download the original file from google docs.) After editing the file in google documents I can save a link to the google document in the springpad note. In that way I always have an up to date copy of the file. Yes indeed, having to go via google documents can be seen as a disadvantage as well. But that is what happens in Chrome browser, in Firefox it downloads immediately giving the choice to open it with Excel. In that case of course the file needs to be uploaded again to springpad to have an up to date copy there. By the way uploading is possible by just dragging the file to the notebook board or by adding it to a subnote (“news and notes”, “add note” at the bottom of a note).

Always curious to see what others are doing when it comes to keeping online notes (or to online information managament or online knowledge management) I am looking into other possibilities regularly. This of course means I have been trying Evernote as well. I keep experimenting with it as well as with Springpad. By the way Springnote, which I praised earlier in this blog before the major update of Springpad, is still around and has its qualities but lacks constant support by the developers. Springnote forum posts dont get a reply at all or only after months and their blog is practically inactive. Sorry, back to Springpad. (Yep, confusing with the 2 springs.) It makes linking to notes fairly easy from whatever document or application and even from other notes in SP. Evernote still does not allow this, so it seems. That really is the decisive missing functionality not to choose Evernote.

Since I am comparing SP en EN anyway: something that comes up in every of these comparisons upto now (and there are many) is the EN advantage of having a desktop application. So there always is a local copy of all your data in the cloud with Evernote. Very re-assuring this is for many users. Springpad did and does not have a real desktop application, so also did not make my data in the cloud with Springpad available offline. However, earlier this week they came up with a solution. Not a separate software programm to be installed on your pc, but an extension to google Chrome. Now even being offline I can have all my data in springpad visable and usable. I even think it is possible to add notes and other stuff without being online (should I unplug and try all this out?) As soon as the pc is online again the data are synced to the cloud and hence available from any online pc. By the way I dont actually know where the local copy of the data is stored, but for now it is re-assuring that they are there.

Springpad may even have me using the google calendar again, since events can be synced. But then again, reminders for events and tasks in springpad can simply be mailed, so is the google calendar useful as a go between?