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Monthly Archives: April 2011

I noticed a couple of things in the news today that I dont like at all.

Yesterday the federation of the chemical industry in Belgium, Essencia, was claiming electricity in Belgium is too expensive. The main cause of the high price, they say, is the money invested in sustainable energy production. In Flanders solar energy is (was) heavily subsidised and at the federal level in Belgium the offshore wind turbines cost a lot. Yeah right, and the articificial shortage created by the largest producer and the fact that Belgium hence needs to import a large chunk of what it needs in electrical power do not play a role? Hidden agenda anywhere?

This morning the radio news stated that 60% of flemish people think it would be nice to have all traffic banned from city centres by 2050. I guess the other 40% will not be around any more then. 




Trying again to embed a fotopedia slideshow here. Sorry to say contacting Posterous about the inability to do so did not yield any response. Lets see if if works this way.

Orvieto Cathedral on Fotopedia

Appears not to include the slide show again, only the link. It does work on other blogging services.

Listening to “Spoonful” by Cream. Fantastic. This was (is) so good compared to what you hear nowadays. Clapton imposing his rules and will to a guitar that wants to freak out, Bakers subtle rythm going crazy in a totally controlled way. 

It had been a while. Need to do that more often.


My Ngorongoro photographs. Really an amazing area.


Wonderful photos of Spain by members of Fotopedia